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Serving SE Michigan for 15 years helping customers control the sun.

Installing Residential and Commercial - Solar Control, Security Safety, Privacy and UV Guard films. Our films are covered by a Lifetime Warranty !  Check out our customers feedback page . Email us free samples.

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Decrease Heat   

When applied to glass window film will

Decrease heat. Up to 80% as compared

to untreated glass.  This means lower

Energy Cost and improved comfort.

Reduce Fading

Solar radiation and Ultra Violet rays cause damage to your home furnishings.

Film acts like a sunscreen and blocks

99% of harmful UV Rays. Used by many retailers to protect their merchandise.                  

Cut Glare

Direct sunlight, reflection from water or

surrounding buildings can cause

annoying glare. Window film will reduce

glare and increase clarity.    

 Increase Safety     

 Shattered glass  is a hazard when         

 accidents happen or when vandalism or

 environmental effects cause breakage.

 Protection offered by window film can

 provide a functional  safety net that can

 add security to your home or place of


In your home year after year, the sun’s UV rays cause colors to fade, fabrics to fray, wood to crack.  The damage  to your furnishings, flooring, and artwork gets worse over time, and can never be reversed. But it can be significantly reduced by installing Allied Window Film.  They block 99% of those harmful UV rays, saving you thousands of dollars in potential sun damage.  Help preserve the beauty and value of your home with,   Allied Window Films.            

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